How do we inspire a curiosity in number sense?  I think one way is by having awesome internet colleagues who make ridiculously great resources, but I have been noticing one spot on the Youtubes that continuously shows some outlandish, beautiful, and yet humorous representations of things that we normally wouldn't think about.  I want students to learn in my class that math is not so much about "using in the real world" as if we are to know that a particular concept is used in scenario A, but rather to use it with your own impetus. I think Buzzfeed (and possibly more specifically Ze Frank) strikes this magnificent harmony between beauty, humour, and number sense. Check out these videos, and share anything else that you have seen.

Also if you haven't seen it yet go to Math Munch NOW!  The spirit of their posts is very much in line with how I feel about these particular videos, but definitely at a more mathematically sophisticated level.  Enjoie.


02/10/2014 7:35pm

thanks for the videos, I will use those a bunch next year for my scientific notation unit. great stuff!


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