Over the past months I have been slightly invisible.  This makes me sad, but I know that blogging, tweeting etc. is an ebb and flow process for me.  My mind is not constantly bursting with new ideas, and when I have new ideas these days, I have not been in the space to bring them to fruition. I am also right now at a difficult point in my career.  This year I have suffered for the first time the dreaded "cutback." The school that I have lovingly served for three years has gone down in enrollment, and as such they needed to bring the budget down by one full time teacher; I'm on the lowest rung, and therefore I had to say good bye.  

I am surprisingly at peace with this, because I do feel I am now given a chance to pursue my passions, especially in regards to teaching math as I truly want to devote myself fully to the discipline of math (many of you know that I have been teaching science, and French as well).  I am looking forward to seeing what is next in store for me, as I know something will show up; I just don't know what that will look like yet!

...But that's not really the point of this...

For awhile I have wanted to hop on the Virtual Filing Cabinet Bandwagon and as I see myself in a spot of not really knowing what to plan for in the next year I decided to plan for EVERYTHING. This is partially a way of practicing  for my future, but also to prepare for the possibility of having a position at the end of summer, and having no resources.  I also want to give a Canadian spin (because we all know I play that card ALL THE TIME) on the virtual filing cabinet process.  You can see the first efforts here.  I will be updating throughout the summer.

The Organization

I have separated the topics in subjects based on British Columbia's IRPs and curriculum.  I have lifted (plagiarized?) the standards as they are written in our government documents so that anyone (me mainly) may go directly to the assessment standard and see resources for that specific standard.  I am not sure how much they link to the other provinces, but hey, I'm from BC I can't make everyone in Canada (no matter how nice they are).

What You Can Do

You can read, enjoy, and hopeful put to use this collection, but what be even BETTER is to help me out.  At the end of each page I have a small form that you can fill out.  If you see a topic that is missing an awesome activity, or has NO activity (designated by the TBA), fill in the form and let me know.  We are a gift culture on here, and I am not ashamed to ask for a showering of gifts in the form of links!  So please, help me out if you can, and maybe we can get an awesome resource going for the Canucks!


07/05/2013 1:45pm

I hope you know that I will happily do my part in helping out. Your sista-from-anotha-mista thinks you're awesome and cannot wait to see what the future holds for her adopted little brother. :)

P.S. we DO miss you around the MTBoS.

07/05/2013 1:47pm

Thanks Hedge!

There are some Statistics Sections that are just screaming your name!

07/05/2013 2:17pm

What Hedge said....

For selfish reasons, I have certainly missed your presence on here. I wish you luck in finding what you want and hope I can steal again from you soon.

07/10/2013 9:46pm

YAY! Another VFC! Super good luck with it. I need a quicker-clever-er way to make mine, so if you come up with any genius time savers please let me know!

I added yours to my list of VFCs!



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